Company Overview

AscendAmerica is a USCIS designated EB-5 Regional Center focused on providing high-quality, low-risk EB-5 investment opportunities to foreign nationals seeking to immigrate to the United States.  Our investment opportunities include large-scale commercial real estate development in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Connecticut.


Through strict adherence to the principles of legal compliance, transparency and integrity, AscendAmerica strives to be the foremost source of EB-5 capital for premier real estate developers and the leading provider of low-risk EB-5 qualified projects to immigrant investors worldwide.

For Investors

Savvy investors are attracted by AscendAmerica’s unique focus on credit and experience in loan structuring which helps protect their interests in a dynamic economy. It is AscendAmerica’s unique ability to provide low-risk EB-5 investment opportunities that defines its relationship with its investors.  International Investors appreciate the unique approach that AscendAmerica brings to the industry where its projects are properly vetted, well-structured and compliant with legal and regulatory frameworks.

With an advisory board comprised of international leaders in real estate development and management as well as finance, law, immigration, credit, regulatory compliance and lending, AscendAmerica was founded on the principles of steadfast compliance to complement the critical focus on job creation. Attention to real estate credit fundamentals helps mitigate our investors’ risk and promote a definitive path to US citizenship and return on our clients’ investments.

For Developers

Prominent developers seek partners that they know and trust to protect their interests and mitigate risk. Relationships built through years of experience in the real estate industry and bolstered by our reputation for steadfast compliance and integrity give real estate professionals the confidence to collaborate with AscendAmerica.

Drawing on years of experience in real estate finance and law, and a global network of high net worth investors and wealth managers, the AscendAmerica team designs creative investment structures that aim to achieve or exceed our clients’ goals while remaining strictly compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements.  This distinct, disciplined approach mitigates developers’ exposure to legal, financial and reputational risk, while providing them with access to an attractive source of capital.