AscendAmerica takes a holistic approach to EB-5. Realizing that each project is distinct and needs to be structured accordingly, we provide a host of services that carry the developer through each step of the EB-5 process from project inception to loan repayment.

Whether or not a developer utilizes our Regional Center to promote a particular project, our menu of EB-5 services is available to provide guidance, help them safeguard their investment and limit their risk.


During our exclusive PreB-5 phase, we evaluate the benefits of EB-5 for the particular project and develop a loan structure that meets the developers needs and mitigates exposure.

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Assessing the likelihood of a successful EB-5 capital raise upfront is a critical component in the decision making process. While EB-5 can prove to be an inexpensive source of capital, the process developers must go through before funds are raised, can be costly. If the capital raise is unsuccessful, that money is wasted, while developers still expose themselves to unnecessary legal, financial and reputational risk.

PreB-5® is a unique and exclusive service that AscendAmerica provides for our clients, to analyze a proposed EB-5 project – both quantitatively and qualitatively – and to determine whether EB-5 is a good fit for that specific venture, potentially saving developers valuable time, resources and capital.
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AscendAmerica is a full service EB-5 Regional Center, that manages your project seamlessly from origination to completion. During the EB-5 process, AscendAmerica partners with developers to create a favorable and cohesive loan structure encompassing all capital sources.

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AscendAmerica will form a limited partnership for investment by foreigners seeking residency in the United States. This LP will provide a loan or preferred equity to the developer for a job-creating project. All direct employees of the project as well as employment indirectly created or induced by the investment apply toward the job creation requirement.

AscendAmerica will identify potential EB-5 partners for the developer including:

  • Immigration Counsel
  • Securities Counsel
  • Business Plan Writers
  • Economist
  • Marketing Team (to market the project abroad)

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Our EB-5QB, or quarterback service provides project management throughout the EB-5 process.

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As an EB-5″QB” or quarterback, AscendAmerica manages the EB-5 process on behalf of the developer without acting as the regional center or as the marketing agent. Serving as the developer’s eyes and ears as opposed to a capital source, we oversee all aspects of EB-5 activity during each phase of the process to ensure that the developer’s reputation is protected and that all transactions progress efficiently and scrupulously.

AscendAmerica hires all the consultants, economists, broker dealers, foreign finders, lawyers, regional centers and fund administrators, and acts as the single point of contact for the developer so that the developer can focus on development plans and not on raising capital overseas.

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We offer fund management services, with an experienced team of professionals who make sure all required documentation is completed.

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AscendAmerica manages all required reporting and administration of the EB-5 facility, whether it is structured as a loan or preferred equity.  This service eliminates the need for the developer to be involved with the administrative aspects of EB-5, thereby alleviating unnecessary demands on the developer’s time.

While most developers do not have the infrastructure in place, and manpower with securities experience to administer the fund, AscendAmerica is well equipped for that. Our team has been involved in over 100 construction loans representing over $2B in construction finance.  Based on years of experience administering construction loans, our team handles all aspects of Fund Administration, to gives developers peace of mind that all aspects of the loan are compliant with all regulatory requirements.