Risk Mitigation

While EB-5 investment can prove to be an inexpensive source of capital, the process developers must go through before funds are raised, can be costly and time consuming.  If the capital raise is unsuccessful, that money is wasted and developers expose themselves to unnecessary legal, financial and reputational risk.

As banks become increasingly more diligent and are vetting Regional Center management to reduce credit and reputational risk upfront, developers must seek out a Regional Center partner that understands securities law and is strictly compliant with all regulations.

One of AscendAmerica‘s fundamental strengths is Risk Mitigation.   Our conservative approach to legal and regulatory compliance limits exposure for Developers, Investors and all others involved in the EB-5 process by ensuring:

No conflicts of interest

Compliance with U.S. securities laws

Full transparency

Large job creation buffers

Credit-trained underwriters

Our willingness to work with developers’ banks and other financing partners during the initial stages of the project, allows us to anticipate specific requirements upfront, which reduces friction and limits misunderstandings later in the process.