New EB-5 Regulations: What they May Mean For You

The questions you should be asking your immigration attorney about the new EB-5 regulations

New Regulations for EB-5: What Does That Mean For Investors?

Since the inception of the EB-5 program in 1990, there have not been changes made to the original investment amounts ($500,000 for a project in a TEA, and $1 million for a project in a non-TEA). That is, until now.   The highly anticipated new EB-5…

Q’s to Ask: Does the Regional Center use a Broker-Dealer?

What is the role of a Broker-Dealer in EB-5 investment?

How Many Investors are there in this Project?

In this installment of “Your EB-5 Minute”, focusing on questions to ask a Regional Center, AscendAmerica’s Brooke Cianfichi discusses the significance of the total number of investors in a project, and how it can effect an individual investor. VIDEO: Why its important to ask about…


In this installment of “Your EB-5 Minute”, AscendAmerica’s Brooke Cianfichi discusses EB-5 retrogression and the importance of asking about your particular situation. Video: EB-5 Retrogression


In this installment of “Your EB-5 Minute”, AscendAmerica’s Brooke Cianfichi discusses the different points during the process where your money can be put into the project and why it is important to ask a regional center this question. Video: When During the Process is My…

260 Kent in the News – Officially the Tallest Tower in Williamsburg!

Williamsburg’s tallest tower tops out at Domino Sugar Factory development


In this installment of “Your EB-5 Minute”, Brooke Cianfichi discusses important questions to ask a regional center about EB-5. VIDEO: Important Questions to ask a Regional Center about EB-5


In this installment of “Your EB-5 Minute”, AscendAmerica’s Brooke Cianfichi discusses the significance of developer equity in an EB-5 project. VIDEO: Developer Equity in an EB-5 Project


In this installment of “Your EB-5 Minute” AscendAmerica’s Brooke Cianfichi discusses the significance of having a bank loan as part of the capital structure for an EB-5 project. Video: Banks in the EB-5 Capital Stack  

Job Creation for EB-5

In this installment of “Your EB-5 Minute”, Brooke Cianfichi discusses fulfilling the job creation requirement for the EB-5 Visa. Video: Job Creation as it relates to the EB-5 Visa

What Capital Position is Right for You? – Part III 

BROOKE CIANFICHI, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Part 3 – Why we choose to make Preferred Equity Investments[1] This post will detail important factors to considers before investing with a Regional Center that will be placing your money in either the debt or Preferred Equity positions with…

“What Capital Position Is Right For You?” – Part II

BROOKE CIANFICHI, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER   PART 2 – DEFINING THE “LOAN MODEL” VERSUS “EQUITY MODEL”[1] This post outlines considerations for the two major segments of a capital stack for a real estate project that will include EB-5 as a funding source: Debt– Either the…

“What Capital Position Is Right For You?” Part I

BROOKE CIANFICHI, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER   PART 1 – AN ILLUSTRATIVE CASE STUDY IN CAPITAL STACK POSITION[1] Your position in the capital stack does matter. Like any investment, when considering an EB-5 opportunity, how you invest your money (capital position) is equally as important as where you invest…

Failed EB-5; 5 Risks and How to Protect Yourself

RISK – every investment and business venture has it, but when it comes to an EB-5 investment, savvy investors and their advisors must learn how to protect themselves and their clients from EB-5 risks that can be avoided. In EB-5, virtually all projects offer the…

The Job-Market side to EB-5 – how EB-5 is successfully stimulating the US economy

The EB-5 Investment Immigration program has been targeted in the press recently and portrayed as a way for rich Chinese to “buy” American citizenship. But a true analysis of this program demonstrates the more accurate, positive impact that EB-5 has had on the US economy…

EB-5 Experts Weigh In On New Legislation

Lawmakers May Not Spend Political Capital on Stand-Alone EB-5 Bill BY DOUGLAS HAUER, ALEXANDER HECHT AND NEAL MARTIN

Does a Project Have EB-5 Potential?

By: Dan Shields, President, AscendAmerica As the owner of a USCIS-approved Regional Center, you’d be surprised to hear me say that EB-5 may not work for you, and sometimes, it’s just not worth the investment.  But while EB-5 is a great avenue to finance many…

EB-5 and the Developer’s Bottom Line

by Dan Shields, President AscendAmerica The EB-5 program has provoked significant scrutiny of late. The media has described the program as the sale of green cards to rich Chinese nationals who are lured by the attractiveness of permanent residency in the U.S. to invest in…

Avantages du Programme EB-5

En 1990, le Congrès américain a mis en place le Programme des immigrants investisseurs EB-5 comme une mesure destinée à stimuler l’économie américaine à travers la création d’emplois. Ce programme permet aux ressortissants étrangers d’obtenir un titre de séjour permanent valable aux États-Unis – dans…

The EB-5 Program

Immigrating to the United States:  The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program The United States Congress established the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program in 1990 as a measure to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation. This program allows foreign nationals to obtain Lawful Permanent Residence in the…

Dan Shields on IFeng

AscendAmerica CEO, Dan Shields discussing our opportunities in America on China’s  

Strategic Partners

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